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Le Long Yao

Artist Statement

My works reflect the realistic depiction of life and how we live. My paintings dig deep into self-expression in order to formulate my own unique style.

Le Long Yao was born in Le An, Jiangxi Province, China in 1961. He graduated from Tianjin Fine Arts Academy and completed graduate work at the Oil Painting Department at Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. He is a member of the Chinese Artists Association and Guangdong Artists Association. He also is affiliated with the Guangzhou Paintings Academy. His works have been selected to compete in provincial and national art competitions including the prestigious Shanghai Art Fair. Le’s works have been sold at various public art auctions in China. 

  • Three Generations
  • Milling Stone
  • Looking On
  • Inquisitive
  • Feeding
  • Clapping Hands

Selected Exhibitions

“The Fish Humor”, National Exhibition of Decorative Illustration Designs

“The Backyard”, The 2nd Oil Painting Exhibition, Guangdong, China

“Grandma’s Home”, The 55th Anniversary of People’s Republic of China, Guangdong, China

“Let’s Compare”, Guangdong Physical Education Art Exhibition, Guangdong, China

“Weary”, The 50th Anniversary of Guangdong Artists Association Art Exhibition

“Autumn Lotus Pods”, “Yan Tang Street”, Sunshine NingnanStyle – Guangdong Oil Painting Invitational Exhibition
“7th Uncle”, Cultural Customs and Landscape – Won the Award of Excellence at The National Landscape Mini Oil Painting Exhibition

“The Kids are Alright,” Linden Gallery, Ellison Bay, Wisconsin

“The Portrait”, Ningnan style Mini Oil Painting Exhibition
“Early Spring”, Celebrate Spring – 2nd Annual Guangdong Landscape Painting Exhibition
“Miss Spring”, Era and Spirit – Won the Award of Excellence at the National Portrait Painting Exhibition
“Happy Candle”, 2nd Annual Cultural Customs and Landscape – The National Landscape Mini Oil Painting Exhibition 

“Happy Beginning of the Year”, 30th Anniversary of Liberation of Guangdong Art Exhibition

“Sunny Station”, The Guangdong 60th Anniversary Celebration Exhibition

“School”, Shanghai Emerging Artists Exhibition
“Happy Beginning of the Year”, National Hundred Families Jinning Oil Paintings Exhibition

“Old Fifth Brother”, Won Third Price at the Jiangnan Spring Exhibition

“Old Fifth Brother”, 6th Annual Art Exhibition in Shanghai, China


Published in various art magazines such as “Art”, “China Oil Paintings”, and
“The International Art Magazine of Contemporary China”.